Easter Shopping Party

tomorrow @ six d.o.g.s. a day & night cultural entertainment center at the heart of Athens (Monastiraki) my fellows in crafts & I participate in the Easter shopping party!!!!

As you may have seen in the previous post, apart of my jewelry I 'll have also my Easter candles!!!

But apart of my things you will have the opportunity to meet some of the most and hip designers & crafters of Athens!!! For example my friend Di Depux will be there and her famous Kawaii Characters jewelry!!!Swarovski Kawaii Necklaces (popsicle or cupcake)
Also you will have the chance to know Marilia_M (with whom I always share my space in MEC)

Eleni Tsap with "Just for You" will be there as always!!!! sharing with Art By Artemis, also a classmate of mine from my school days will share her Easter & felt creations with you for the first time, as Mauve & Frnds!!!!!
{flu:k} by Smaro Botsa

In the Easter Shopping Party will join us two ladies  from the WhiteBox  , the only collective of independent designers & artists in Athens, the illustrious Smaro Botsa with the inspiring {flu:k} jewelery line
Anna Economou
& also Anna Economou the legendary greek pin-up girl with her amazing handmade bags!!!! 
The place will be visited by the fairy of perfumes & soaps Myrenia!!!!
If any of you have never the chance to buy one of Myrenia's products please this is your chance!!!! I bought an air freshener for the house on Christmas and it still give us rich scent it gave us the first day!!!!

In addition a well known person from the blog world & as well as a photographer, Irini Michopoulou will give us an opportunity to know a new aspect of her creativity!!! know her also through her blog:
A father & daughter collaboration the Pal Crafts with handcrafted  vitro objects & other unique creations will be @ the six d.o.g.s. this weekend
Pal Crafts
From the island of Crete, Fisalida comes to Athens to  present her new collection of dolls inspired by the movies of mr Tim Burton
Di Depux's friend Olgitta it's ok for the first time creates unique & special T-shirts &
Last but definitely not least  my friend Marina Aggelopoulou will spread some spring air with her butterflies line of jewelry!!!!!
On top of all these you will have the chance to have a coffee/drink/snack in the most beautiful and secret garden of Athens and if you come on Saturday night you can also go in the event  Loefah presents: Swamp 81 Night at the live gig space of six d.o.g.s!!!!
six d.o.g.s. Garden
Sooooo what do you think??? will you come over to meet us??? will you come party & shopping with us @ the Easter Shopping Party???



Easter is coming to town!!!!

GoodMorning people of this world!!!!!!
I have been disapeared for a while but there was a good reason to.....
I was preparing Easter Candles!!!!!
Here in Greece the Easter Candles or Lambades as they are called in Greek, are part of our tradition. In Greece every child has godparents, and the Easter Candle is one of the customary Easter gifts that godparents give to their godchildren (along with a chocolate Easter egg and sometimes shoes). These candles are decorated with various ornaments in relation to whether it will be given to a boy or girl and their age!!! On the day of Holly Saturday we take these candles to the church to the midnight service in which all the lights within the church are extinguished, until the priest comes out at midnight to announce to the world that Christ has risen. Then from the single flame of the priest candle, we all light our candles with the holly flame (as we call it) and we transfer it with our candles to our houses.

Although the Easter Candles with decorations are supposed to be given only to young children, and the rest to take to the church just a white candle, today it is usual for grown ups to hold a decorated candle but a little thinner than the ones tha the children have!!!!

When I was young my godmother lived in Thesaloniki, a city far away from Athens, and she never gave me an Easter Candle (or the other gifts that godparents send to their godchildren).... This was alays my huge complaint of her...but my mother always took care of the issue...as she didn't want me to feel bad she made a tradition of our own.... we went out and we chose ornaments and ribbons and we decorated on our own our Easter Candles!!!! Maybe this is the reason that I love so much each year making them!!!

Each and every candle of them has its own story, and it is made with all my love!!!
So what do you think of this Greek custom?

and what do you think of the Easter Candles that I made for you this year ???



Earth Hour 2011

Hello people whereever you are!!!!!

Please if you read this post, do not forget that today is the Eart Hour 2011 and in which ever place of the world you are and what ever you do at 8.30 do switch off all your lights !!!!!!
I was reading some twitter posts and I saw that in Sydney Australia the Earth Hour finished juat 2 minutes ago!!!!
Watch this superb video in you tube (and do not forget to switch the power there too...in the up left of the screen )
If you have a twitter acount there is this fantastic app that at 8.30 your local time switches off the lights in your twitter profile picture : http://www.eh2011.com/.
You can read more informations about this global event at http://www.earthhour.org
Greece has already joined the Earth Hour event and at 8.30  all the classic historical monuments like the Acropolis and the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion will switch off their lights for one hour to demonstrate commitment to energy responsibility. Candle-carrying crowds are expected to gather and watch as the monuments go dark.

So what do you think??? will you be one of the billions of people who will help the world to make a change??? will you be part of the largest voluntary action ever witnessed??? I certenly will!!!!!

Dark kisses
earthy wishes


Respect & Awe for Japan

Hello people of this world wherever you are!!!!!
As everyone knows ten days ago one of the most terrible natural disasters stroke Japan......
Although I live in Greece, a place so far away from Japan, I bet I have the same feeling with the most of you, that this disaster is like next to us.....
Having survived a major earthquake (for Greece at least) 11 years ago, I can assure you that there is nothing more scary than to feel the earth move under your feet.....now I think that the tsunami and the feeling of a huge wave come after you may be 100 times more scary.....
I don't want even to imagine how it is to lose everything.... it is beyond my mind what these people have been (and are still ) through.....
However, in various disasters all over the world through the years that I remember myslef watching the news, I do not think that I have seen another country and its people to react with such dignity in the aftermath of the disaster.....
These people although they had lost members of their family, their homes, their way of living, they were so modest, without yelling, crying, without accusing their goverment, their God, or whoever else...
Since I remember myself, when I first heard a Japanese tale my mother used to tell me, when I touched my first hello Kitty , when I  watched like crazy Japanese cartoons on TV, I loved this country!!! I still love everything about it, their culture, their design, their architecture, but now I also admire and have huge respect and awe for  them !!!!! And it's not only me look here http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/how-musicians-are-raising-money-for-japan-relief-20110322 what the music industry plans in order to help the Japanese people!!!! 
Let's hope that the tragedy will stop here, and there will be no further disaster with the nuclear plants.....
One of my dreams is to be able someday to travel to Japan. I don't know  when I ll be able to go but I know for sure that definetely I will!!!!!!

wishes for a better tomorrow for Japan


litltle silly things...

well today is saturday and I am trying hard to be on work mode.....but it's hard...the weather here in Athens is super sunny, and I feel miserable that I have to stay here to make some Easter candles instead of going out....
so I am sitting in front of my laptop and trying to relax before I start to work...

so I am going to  my twitter page to see what has happened to the people I follow...not very much but I just realised that he next Glee episode is on April........:(
Also if you any of you have a twitter account, don't forget to follow me & then I follow you back so we can learn each other's news on a daily basis!!!
My twitter name is marinadqueen
then a quick view at  my facebook news feed is also intersting....
and then... I found this very funny site that lets you type upside down texts....
and this led me to this other site that tell you how to turn your computer screen upside down (and I can't wait till to mess with my friend George's screen....) go there and you ll see how (and I tried & it works)
so now it's time for some work to be done....as you can see in this photo...this is how this weekend is going to be....wrapping ribbons around candles (but when I ll be done I ll share with you some beautiful photos)
I hope your Saturday to be much mote intersting than mine


A Meet Market weekend

I know it has been a long time since my last post......this is only because I was working like crazy in order to prepare some of my wholesale orders and also to be ready for this month's Meet Market!!!!
The  Meet Market is a mobile community of designers, craftsmen, artists, collectors and independent businesses, who gather once a month  in various venues, exhibiting and selling along with a full line-up of music from local djs and music producers!!!! For the last almost 4 years I am a part of this cultural collective of creatives, as it is the most successfull craft/show/market/fair of Greece!!!
This weekend it was held at Technopolis which is a former gas factory in the heart of Athens!!! My stall is always in the entrance of  The Furnaces building, which is maybe Technopolis' most distinctive space that retains the atmosphere and the feeling of the old factory.
Drama Queen @ The Meet Market

I love the Meet Market weekends for several reasons
because I have the chance to meet with my friends who also make things
because I have the chance to meet with my other friends who pass by to meet me
because I have the chance to meet with my customers (actually it is the only chance that I get to know who are the people that buy my things and actually I love it!!!)

Drama Queen @ Meet Market
because it is the most nearby experience to a camp experience (which I love and I wish I was a child again just to spend a summer in a camp).

Especially this weekend my niece Christy came from Patra where she lives and was my helper, also as the weather was sunny many frineds passed by to say hello and spend some time with me, and even if the sales were not as high as those on Christmas (we live in the economical crisis era so we can not complain) the fun really hit a limit up!!!!!!!!
In general I love being part of the Meet Market, and although that I am very tired when it is over (like now) I am a little sad waiting for the next one......


Happy 1st day of spring!!!

Good morning!!!!
this is the first day of spring!!!!
I thought to share with you this song that really makes me to get up & dance!!!!

Singing wishes
Dancing Kisses